Friday, November 10, 2006

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Friday, August 18, 2006



You Don't stumble upon Jobs always

Getting through to a job isn't a numbers game. I have known and heard many job seekers, even in their 30s swearing by a flurry of resumes they send to fetch interview calls.

How flawed this is! Unless you show that you have what they want, you are not going to get any response.

You have just 2 steps to prove
Prove that you can come up to their expectation in just 2 steps.
1. Magical resume
2. Great interview

The job is yours if these 2 go fine.

I will deal with the 2 magic steps in my next post.
You can research on the net and ask for my comments/suggestions.

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Thursday, July 20, 2006

What Career Counselors Don't Tell You

What Career Counselors Don't Tell You

They teach you Your Resume building, Interview techniques, Brainstorming techniques, and may be many things. Right; they are experts in their respective fields.

Still there are things they don't teach you

It is brainstorming, a couple of days ahead of your actual interview, I am talking about. I have never come across anyone using this simple but effective technique which hardens your confidence level but without telling you so.

It is simple. Let's say you take tips from either a counselor or a friend. Almost all of them just take tips and come back. Now you would agree with me, that you knew many of those tips already. Well, nothing is lost. You can open a discussion about what you already knew. This brings out the weak points and flaws, if you had any.

Repeat the same with new tips too. It helps you understand more by removing misconceptions, or if you had not heard clearly etc.

Compare different options for all tips. This is the closing round of you brainstorming. As an ending, summarize the strong points that evolved. These are your strategies for a confident interview.

The Basic Idea

Just notice that it went on so casually that you forgot you were actually using a scientific technique. I am not advocating a casual approach but about being confident. One is confident in circumstances like his/her known environment, when s/he is strong by virtue etc.

Get going confidently, just by preparing the easy way.

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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Toughest Interview Questions

Toughest Interview Questions

Toughest interview questions are not those on your line of expertise. Not in the least. All those questions to check your hard skills are asked in the beginning but the tougher ones are saved for the last leg when you are tired.

Obviously, they want to check your soft skills, i.e; how do you react to irritating things, how well are you organised etc. Here are just a couple of toughest questions and why they are asked.

Toughest question #1: We can't offer such huge salary at this moment, would you like to accept this? (about 15-25% less than you proposed.)

Why do they ask you this? There are several reasons.
  1. Employer is not seriously interested in you
  2. Hiring manager is under pressure to contain the salary expense
  3. Hiring manager is indicating he doesn't want to loose you
  4. The company has a poor financial performance of late
Toughest question #2: Tell us about yourself, please?

They ask this for they want not to know of your family; but
  1. It shows how fast can you pull up yourself
  2. How well can you brief your long track record
  3. It shows how well organized are you
  4. It shows your presentation skills
  5. Finally, it tells about those skills you had not listed in the resume
Is this all? Definetely not. I will continue with those questions in next postings. Now, how do you answer them? Believe me; answering toughest questions need not be tough if you expected them. Let me go about the point in the following posts.
Thanks. Alevoor Rajagopal.

Friday, June 30, 2006

Interviews, Questions and Tips

Interviews, Questions and Tips

Many aspiring candidates have been asking for interview questions and tips with me. The current times are really condusive for candidates for those who not just aspire but possess the necessary armoury will win easily.

Those who benefitted from advices and tips on interview questions from me stand testimony.

Beofre I begin posting here, one quote comes to my mind which stands true for all times to come. It goes like this:

He who thinks he can win can win.